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"Fast, friendly, efficient, and affordable! One stop shop for all of your locksmith needs. Our friend, who is a police officer, referred him. You can trust [Justin] and you will not be disappointed!"

Jennifer Bradford (Google)

"If you ever find yourself in need of a locksmith, this is who to use. We were locked inside our house and the key was stuck in our storm door. Justin came out immediately which was incredibly helpful as my mother is claustrophobic and was panicking. Not only did he fix us right up, he stayed until her could recreate the issue in order to let us know what not to do, this way preventing the problem from recurring."

"Very friendly and helpful staff! Will use for all my locksmith needs."

Kathy Saladino (Google)

Aapgentry L. (Yelp)

"Justin is always prompt and professional. He works quickly and always makes sure our locks and doors are in better repair than he originally found them. In one case, he adjusted the door hinges in order to make the lock he replaced “work” better. I will always recommend Justin to others."

Meg M. (Yelp)

"I didn’t have a lock emergency per se, but needed desperately to get into a listing to get repairs done before closing. I figured I’d lose a day before I could get someone to come out but when I called JC Lock & Key, he got out within a couple of hours! I worried what my seller would be charged, but the problem was small and quick, he was honest about it and I got to move on with repairs!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!"

"Very well. Quality service in every aspect. Knowledgable and friendly."

Carl Stumpe (Angie's List)

Susie McEuen RE/MAX Unlimited (Facebook)

 "I had to call a locksmith for my business one morning. He arrived within 30 minutes and was so fast and efficient. His price was better than I could have hoped for. Will definitely use again if I need one!"

Amanda Gill (Google)

"As busy as Justin is, somehow always finds a way to get there quicker than others. Honest, dependable, quick with the pick…and all round just a good dude. My go-to locksmith for all clients and homes I represent."

Jeremy Young (Facebook)

"JC Lock & Key exceeded my expectations; arrival was exactly on time, very professional, outstanding service, fast and affordable. I highly recommend JC Lock & Key, you won’t be disappointed with the services provided. Thank you Justin!"

Rita Dixon (Google)