Serving Madison AL and All Surrounding Areas!
AESBL Lic. #: 1719 & 8608
AL Business Lic. #: 2832

Madison, AL        Huntsville, AL

Decatur, AL              Athens, AL

Harvest, AL     Meridianville, AL

Hartselle, AL              Toney, AL

Tel: 256-724-1053

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1. What area(s) in Alabama do you provide service?

I provide services in the following cities:





All Surrounding Areas

2. Do you have a shop location that I can visit?

No. JC Lock & Key is a mobile Locksmith service that performs all services at the customer’s location. We always want you to have the most affordable solution possible, but sometime’s you just need to get a few keys cut without the added cost of a technician visiting your home. That is why we will always recommend a reputable Locksmith shop closest to you to save you more money!

3. What are your hours of operation?

I am always available Monday – Friday, 8 am – 5 pm and closed on Saturdays & Sundays.  Be sure to like our Facebook Page to stay up to date on future news and discount coupons to save even more!

4. How much will your services cost and what type of payments do you accept?

My prices start at $50 for Madison (within city limits) and slightly increase with outer areas. Give me a call for pricing in your area and I would be more than happy to help! There are several locksmith companies that do not advertise their prices at all and allow too many factors to decide how they charge for service(s); “Do I really want to go right now?”, “What can I charge to make it worth it for me?”. ”How much can I charge and get away with it?” I don’t believe that you should pay more for any reason! I display prices for common services that I provide and I STICK TO THEM! The bottom line is that I respect you as a customer and want to build a relationship that will last.


I accept Credit/Debit Cards, Money Orders, Company Checks, & Cash payments. I no longer accept personal checks.

5. I recently noticed that my locks are not operating correctly and the key won’t go in all the way. What is going on?

Try lubricating them, then work the key in/out of the lock. Be sure to lubricate your locks at least 1-2 times per year for proper function. Avoid graphite powder/spray as it will build up in the lock after long periods of use and eventually cause your locks to fail. The best lubricants that I use are Triflow and Houdini Spray Lubricant.

6. I want to hide a key somewhere in case I get locked out. How can I hide it without being too obvious?

Avoid using fake rocks or placing keys under doormats. Also, it is not advisable to leave a key above doorways. These are the first places that potential intruders look. If you have close family or friends that you trust, it may be beneficial to leave a copy with them.

7. I have a child that gets home before I do and I’d rather not have them keep up with a key. What are my options?

Children have the unmistakable ability to lose house keys. To avoid this, take a look at the many styles and variations available in electronic keypad locks. Most installations do not require drilling any extra holes and several models use 4 AA batteries that are easily accessible.

8. If I get locked out of my home or vehicle, how quickly can you respond?

As soon as I get the call, I am normally 20 minutes from any urban part of Madison and Huntsville. Rural areas may be as long as 25-35 minutes. In some cases, I may be arriving at or finishing a job that may require a longer ETA.

9. When you unlock my car or home, will it cause any damage?

Under no circumstances should a trained, professional locksmith cause damage to your property. There are a number of non-licensed people that cause damages while performing service due to negligence and poor training. A professional Locksmith will use methods that manipulate a lock to open without any noticeable marks. I make every effort to stay up to date with my training and take great care to provide the best service possible. I am insured for your protection.

10. I’m buying a new home. I think I have all the keys, but should I have the locks changed anyway?

When a home is placed on the market, contractors, realtors, cleaning crews, as well as previous owners could have multiple sets of keys to the property. It is always encouraged to change the locks to ensure that no one has keys to your home but YOU!

11. I lost the keys to my vehicle. Do you provide any automotive services?

With the exception of unlocking a vehicle, we are not equipped to provide any automotive services. We can recommend you to a trusted company that specializes in that field upon request.

12. Is it less expensive to replace my locks or rekey them?

It is considerably less expensive to rekey a lock versus replacing one. Average Kwikset or Schlage locks range from $25-$105. There are some cheaper alternatives that are as low as $10, but are poor quality. I can rekey any common residential or commercial lock for $10-$15/each.

13. What is a Locksmith Scam and how can I prevent from getting scammed?

Locksmith Scams have been rapidly spreading across the nation in almost every city over the last decade and there seems to be no end in sight. Although it can be extremely easy to choose the wrong service, here are some excellent tips to help you spot the scammer:

Ask for a price quote.

No matter what price they advertise, always ask for a price quote before hiring a Locksmith. Be wary of any online ads stating $15, $25, or $35 service fees as these are most likely “bait-and-switch” scams that quote low and then raise the price significantly once the technician arrives onsite.

Ask for Trade License and ID.

Most legitimate Locksmiths will arrive in commercial vehicles with company logos, etc. on the sides although there are some that may not for varying reasons. Insist on checking their trade license, photo ID, and a business card once they arrive as they should always have these on hand. For safety & legal purposes, they should also confirm your identity and ownership of the property they are servicing before starting work.

Proof of Insurance.

Any damage to property in any way during performed services will be covered by the Locksmith’s insurance so be sure to obtain proof of insurance. True professionals will have much less chance of damages when properly trained.

What You Pay Should Be What Was Quoted Beforehand.

Anytime a technician arrives and gives you an increased price without proper reason, you should send them packing! Unless you have agreed to the higher price and work has been performed, there is no obligation to you to pay.

Never Pay Upfront for Services Until They Have Been Completed.

This should go without saying, but only pay when the work has been performed and you have checked the work yourself for approval and satisfaction.

Lookout if Their First Thought is to Drill a Lock!

Professional Locksmiths have the knowledge and tools to successfully unlock almost any lock. Only in the rarest of times will a Locksmith need to drill a lock, but it is ALWAYS the last resort.

Choose a Safe Payment Option.

Ask beforehand what payment options are available. Most scams will aggressively insist on cash payments as the only method to pay for service, but the simple acceptance of credit/debit cards have made it easy for reputable companies to accommodate those options on site. Once payment has been made, get a receipt!

Make Sure Receipt is Itemized.

After completion of service, your receipt should be separated into labor, material, and travel costs to show you where your money specifically went toward. All receipts or invoices should have the business name, address, and phone information clearly listed.